Delphi7Help4BDS updated for Delphi XE7 to 10 Seattle

I have just updated my Delphi Help Expert to support Delphi XE7, XE8 and 10 Seattle.

It allows to reconfigure F1 + any of the modifier keys Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Alt+Ctrl to call either a help file (you will need the old winhelp viewer that Microsoft dropped with Vista(?)), chm file or internet url. It comes preconfigured with a few example internet urls for searching with Google, Bing, the Embarcadero docwiki or MSDN.

This shows the result of Alt+F1 when the cursor was on the keyword “Integer”:

Delphi Help Expert

To install it, get the sources from OSDN, open the package for your Delphi version, compile and install it. You should then find a new entry in the IDE’s Help menu called “Configure Delphi7HelpForBds” which gets you a dialog where you can configure the actions for each of the key combinations.

Delphi Help Expert