Sep 062015

The latest version is the first version that supports Delphi 10 Seattle.

There is nothing really new about the formatter code. Achim Kalwa submitted a patch that solves yet another Unicode issue, this time with the Code Proofreader expert.

Another change is that there won’t be a regular expert dll this time. After polling on Google+ and getting no definite result, I decided to only keep the version that I personally am using. This applies only to the Delphi 10 Seattle version for now, but I might also remove the regular expert dll from future releases.

Again, since we don’t have an official GExperts release for Delphi 10 Seattle yet, you will have to install it by hand. Here is the relevant extract from the readme file:

** Installing without an official installer **
With two Delphi Releases per year and Erik Berry being busy otherwise,
new GExperts releases have been lagging behind. So in case there is no
official GExperts installer yet, these are the steps to install the
experimental version by hand:

1. Create a suitable GExperts directory. It doesn't have to be a
   subdirectory of %ProgramFiles% but may be anywhere, even on a network
   share if you are sure this share will always be available.
2. Extract all files from the ZIP somewhere
3. Copy all files from the extracted directory to the GExperts directory.
   (Do *NOT* copy the subdirectories!)
4. Copy the appropriate GExperts DLL from one of the subdirectories
   EditorExpert or RegularExpert to the GExperts directory.
5. Copy the files from the subdirectory FromRegularRelease to the
   GExperts directory.
6. Copy the appropriate cmd from the install subdirectory. To the GExperts
7. Make sure that the Delphi IDE is not running
8. Run the cmd file. It will register the GExperts dll with the Delphi IDE.
9. Start Delphi and check that the new GExperts DLL has been loaded by
   opening the GExperts About dialog.

In theory it is possible to install GExperts for all Delphi versions into
the same GExperts directory. But be warned: This has not been tested

Head over to the Experimental GExperts page to download the new version.

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