Displaying a multi line error message without wasting space

I have got a form that usually displays outputs from various sources, each of which has a frame for its own purpose. Now, if an error occurs with any of theses sources, I want to display that error message on the bottom of the form, just above the panel that contains the action buttons. It looks like this:

    P2  **********************************
        *      *          *              *
        *  F1  *   F2     *      F3      *
        *      *          *              *
        *                                *
        *            F4                  *
    L1  *                                *
    P1  *         buttons go here        *

F1, F2, F3, F4 are the output frames for four of the sources, there can be many of various sizes.

My current solution is two panels and a label:
P2 is client aligned and contains all the frames
L1 is bottom aligned and normally invisible
P1 is bottom aligned

If an error occurs, I set the label’s caption and make it visible.

That works fine, if the error messages are short and fit within the window. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If the messages are longer, I would like to automatically word wrap them and increase the label’s hight.

I was prepared to start using Canvas.TextExtend etc. to write code for all of that, but it turned out there is a very simple solution:

Set the label’s WordWrap property to true and make sure that its AutoSize property is also true. That way the VCL will automatically take care of both, the word wrapping and increasing the label’s height if necessary.

(I think TLabel.WordWrap was introduce with Delphi 2007, but it might be even older.)