Thunderbird got less secure – again

With the recent update Mozialla make Thunderbird less secure again. Not only does it still not have an option to display the sender address instead or at least in addition to the sender’s “Name” (In quotes, because more often than not that part of the from field has nothing to do with the sender’s actual name.), on top of that the plugin I used to add this feature was disabled because it is now incompatible. Thanks a lot, Mozilla. How about you stop trying to imitate the bad “features” of MS Outlook and chase Apple’s “great” design, but make a good program?

Thunderbird is defintely not my favorite email program and never has been. Its best feature is that it is not Outlook.

(My wife just suggested, I write my own email client. I have been tempted to try my hand on that for years but I know that I won’t find the time to keep up. But maybe I should spend some time to try out some more of the existing ones.)