Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is looking for a Delphi developer

I am a big fan of the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg – although I have been there only once and that was years ago, but I still follow them on YouTube and I regularly watch Gerrits Tagebuch (Hey Gerrit, your last post was in April, that’s 5 months ago. Just saying … 😉 Btw. I liked your Gerrits Tagebuch Spezial: Ängste, Mythen, Fakten: E-Auto, E-Fuel, E-Heizung. That must have been a lot of work!).

They are currently looking for a Delphi developer and I am severely tempted, but as much as I like the Wunderland, Hamburg is not my type of city.

I’m not sure that speaking German is part of the job requirements, but it might be. (Not a problem for me obviously, but since this blog is written in English and read internationally I thought I should mention this.)