dzEditorLineEndsFix and Windows 10

If you are still using Delphi 2006 to 2010 you have probably heard about my dzEditorLineEndsFix tool.

Apparently Microsoft has changed something in Windows 10 so it no longer locks the file EditorLineEnds.ttr after the Delphi IDE has exited. So it’s now possible to start the IDE again without moving/renaming this file. This means if you only ever run a single instance of the IDE you will no longer need my tool.

The problem still exists when running multiple IDE instances. So if you are a component or plugin developer and want to run the IDE inside the debugger, or if you want to have multiple projects open side by side, you might still want to use it.

I have have dzEditorLineEndsFix started automatically on logon from my Start-Up folder. That’s why I only now noticed the change and I have no idea when it happened.