30 years of Linux

Just in case you have been living under a rock: Linux is now 30 years old and while it still hasn’t conquered the desktop, there are few smart phones that would work without it and also on the server side it’s pretty strong (I have been maintaining Linux servers on the side for more than 15 years by now.), most of the internet wouldn’t work without it.

But where are the celebrations? I don’t see any fireworks or parades, just a few news articles. It’s probably because Linux is more like the Diesel engine than like a sports car. It drives almost all the vehicles used in trade (cars, trucks, ships and trains) but doesn’t win any races. But when you try to replace it (as we desperately must because it is killing us (the Diesel engine, not Linux)), it turns out it is everywhere.

My great thanks go to Linus Torvalds, not really for creating the Linux kernel but mostly for keeping it on track for these 30 years. That takes some determination! So, thanks a lot Linus!

And also thanks for making fun of it.

Found via Slashdot, yes, I still read it.