GExperts bug: CTRL+V on FMX form designer inserts into secondary editor window

I got a bug report for GExperts and Delphi 10.4 that’s really curious:

When a secondary editor window is open in the IDE and the FMX form designer is active, trying to insert a component from the clipboard into the form inserts the textual description of that component into the editor windows instead.

I could immediately reproduce this but finding the culprit took quite a bit longer.

Observation 1: It does not happen for the VCL form designer.

Observation 2: It only happens, if you use CTRL+V to insert the component. The form designer’s context menu entry works fine.

Observation 3: Even disabling all experts in GExperts did not solve this problems… Until you restart the IDE, then it’s gone, even if you then enabled the experts again… Until you restart the IDE again which brings it back.

After a lot of trial and error I found that the cause are two of the GExperts editor experts:

  • Goto Previous Modification
  • Goto Next Modification

Disabling these experts and restarting the IDE solves the problem.

These are rather simple experts that only add entries to the editor window’s context menu for a functionality that already is part of the IDE. I added them to make that functionality more visible, and because I could. Since Delphi 10.3 I had to use a workaround to still be able to add entries to that menu because apparently it is being recreated in the OnPopup event. I think this code somehow activates the menu entries or their associated actions even if the editor window doesn’t have the focus.

So for now until I find a real workaround: If you have this problem, disable these two experts.

(The workaround might be to remove these experts altogether. They aren’t that useful anyway.)

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