FixInsight vs. GExperts

Roman Yankovsky has been so kind to donate a FixInsight license to my open source projects, in particular to GExperts.

And since he just blogged about running FixInsight against the latest FMX I did the same with GExperts.

The result is not too bad actually. All included there are 235 warnings, optimization and convention messages. Most messages are about

  • Fields, that are not prefixed with F
  • Local Variables that hide class fields/methods/properties
  • const missing for unmodified string parameters
  • empty then blocks and empty procedures
  • for variables that are not used in the loop (all of them legit)

There are some warnings about variables assigned twice successively, but these are actually assignments to properties with side effects (e.g. TTimer.Enable being set to false and then to true to restart it).

The overall code quality of GExperts is very good compared to other source code I have seen.

I’ll go through all those messages and clean them up if possible.