Autosave on compile in Delphi?

Did you know that the Delphi IDE automatically saves all files when you compile a project? I didn’t.

In order to activate it, go to the Tools/Options dialog and there on the “Environment Options” page. There, you will find an “Autosave options” group. Set the checkmark for “Editor files” (and close the dialog with “OK” of course).

What, you knew that option was there but you thought that it only saved when running the program in the debugger not when just compiling? Welcome to the club! So did I.

I did some tests today and found that this behaviour changed with Delphi 2010. Up to Delphi 2009 autosave took place when running (in the debugger), since Delph 2010 it is done when compiling.

So, now I know that my upcoming new autosave wizard release only needs to support Delphi up to 2009…