Denkzettel Companion 0.0.6 released

I have just released version 0.0.6 of my Denkzettel Companion tool. It is available from OSDN.

This version fixes several bugs regarding the file format. I didn’t realize that Denkzettel uses UTF-8 encoding and also unix style linebreaks (Linefeed). It also fixes an index out of range error when pressing the down arrow on the last entry of a list. In addition, pressing Esc in the notes list now keeps the focus on the list rather than moving it to the back button.

There are also two new menu entries for checklists:

  • Clear all checkmarks
  • Set all checkmarks

And last but not least, using the Up/Down/PgUp/PgDown arrow keys now also resets the incremental search.

Denkzettel is still a nice tool, but it hasn’t been updated for several years. I’m actually thinking about writing my own tool for Android too. But I am not sure if I am ready for my first Android app.