Oct 312017

Note to self: Delphi’s Advanced Records are also available in Lazarus / Free Pascal, but only if they have been explicitly enabled with the modeswitch compiler directive:

unit SomeUnit;

{$mode objfpc}{$H+}{$modeswitch advancedrecords}


  TSomeRecord = record
    FSomeField: integer;
    function SomeMethod: integer;


function TSomeRecord.SomeMethod: integer;
  Result := FSomeField;


If advancedrecords is not enabled this won’t compile:

Fatal: Syntax error: “END” expected but “FUNCTION” found.
Oct 212017

Flattr have changed their terms an conditions. Since I haven’t received a single cent via Flattr, I really can’t be bothered what exactly they have changed and whether that’s good or bad for me personally. So I have closed that account for good. That leaves only PayPal, if you want to make a donation to GExperts. Sorry, if that’s an inconvenience. And please remember that I’d prefer you to contribute to GExperts in one of the other means described on that page than money.

Oct 142017

Jeroen has submitted two enhancements to GExperts:


I am still working on the refactoring for the IDE form enhancements, but progress is slow, so the next release will probably take a while.

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